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This are grain, flour & gluten free; high protein and delicious!


1 large banana, mashed

2 eggs

1/2 scoop collagen

1/4 scoop (approx 1 tbsp) vanilla protein powder

Dark chocolate chips (5-7 per pancake)

Almond/Peanut/Sun butter ( 1 tsp per crepe)

Berries of choice


In bowl, mash banana well. Add eggs, collagen & protein & mix well. Spray pan or griddle & put on medium heat. Pour batter & add chocolate chips to each. When done, place on a plate & spread 1 tsp nut/seed butter on each and place berries on top of the nut/seed butter. Fold in half & enjoy!

Makes approximately 2 servings: 6 crepes in total

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