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This is a sample of the services I offer.  For in-home cooking, prices will vary. Please contact me directly for specific package information. 
For One on One Consulting:
Initial Consultation* (1 hour): $100
Follow Up Visits (30-45 minutes): $90

Package of 6 Follow Ups: $510
BIA (Body Impedance Analysis): Included in initial visit, $25 if not part of a package
For Couple or Group Consulting:
Initial Consultation* (1 hour, 15 minutes): $150
Follow Up Visits: (45 min-1 hour): $100/session

Grab-your-Friends! (pkg of 6 topic sessions (to be determined by the group); 2-6 people recommended): $550
* Initial consultations include BIA testing which is a quick, accurate & non-invasive way to gather information on body fat percentages, resting metabolic rate & BMI
Other Services:
Elimination Diet/Cleanse
Initial Consultation: $100
Follow Up Visits (3 are recommended): $50/each
Package of Initial & 3 Follow Ups: $225
Delicious & Easy Recipes
As part of my sessions, I will provide you with delicicious & easy recipes for meals and snacks. Everyone has a different level of comfort in the kitchen and I understand  the time pressures that come along with a busy lifestyle. I can help you plan your weekly menus and teach you how to "cook ahead".



In Home Cooking

Whether you need a little help getting started in the kitchen or are an advanced at-home chef, I can offer several in home cooking services. You may be looking to adapt recipes to fit your new & healthy lifestyle, plan & cook ahead for the week or come up with a creative menu for a dinner party. I can come to your home, provide you with options and show you how easy & fun cooking can be!


Since these services have a wide range of possibilities & are customized, please call to discuss pricing. 

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