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Customized Nutrition For Individualized Results...
One on One 


I work with individuals looking to lose weight, gain muscle mass, reduce inflammation, deal with allergies, sensitivities and other dietary restrictions.  I help clients to develop shopping lists and weekly meal plans as well as provide personalized recipes based on individual tastes and preferences.  



I work with couples, families, children and even friends that are looking to support each other in becoming healthier individuals.  I have seen great success in households that embark on this path together and welcome any combination of individuals looking to improve their health.  

Phone and Video


For those clients that need support when not living in close proximity, clients away on business or those who are away at school, I offer consultations via phone or video.  My web based program allows me to offer you personalized coaching & support, menu designs and shopping lists even while you're away from home.



"Jenn helps me set attainable goals and reach them by taking all the guesswork out of meal planning, shopping and eating out with friends and family." 



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