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Jenn Lowenfish, CHNC, CGP, HHP, FNS, M.A. is a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant, Holistic Health & Gluten Practitioner in Rockland County, NY, dedicated to working with groups and individuals seeking to improve their overall nutrition & health. She has a double master's degree from Brandeis & Columbia Universities in Psychology and Organizational Development and Holisitic Nutrition Certification from The American College of Health Care Sciences.  She is also a Certified Gluten Practitioner, trained to help those people who have or suspect they have a gluten sensitivity, allergy or Celiac Disease. Most recently, Jenn has been trained & certified as an Epigenetics Coach, analyzing an individual's genetic predispositions in all aspects of nutrition, vitamin/mineral absorption, sleep patterns, hormones, environmental toxins & sports performance.
Jenn Lowenfish
Certified Epigenetics Coach

Jenn lives & practices in New City, NY, a suburb of NYC. She has tried to incorporate her nutritional beliefs into her home life and spends lots of time in the kitchen with her children, developing recipes that satisfy everyone's palate. She also enjoys hosting friends and family for homemade meals.


Jenn enjoys getting to know her clients and helping them become happier and healthier individuals. She will make each meeting relevant, interesting and fun while incorporating information that will help you reach your nutrition goals.


I have been working with Jenn for the past couple of months and cannot believe the changes I have been able to incorporate into my life! I am losing weight, feel more energetic and am enjoying cooking for the first time - even my kids are eating better! " 

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