Blackberry Glazed Pork or Veal Chop

This marinade is as simple as it gets! Mix equal parts olive oil & balsamic vinegar with 1-2 pints of blackberries & blend (can also substitute with raspberries). If you prefer extra sweetness, can add a touch of honey or brown sugar to the mixture. Place pork or veal chops in a ziploc bag or container & marinate a few hours or overnight. Grill, bake or broil the chops & add fresh berries as a garnish. Marinade can also double as a sweet salad dressing!

Flounder with Chopped Tomatoes, Asparagus, Mushrooms & Potatoes

An easy meal to throw together, this dish is filling while low in calories & rich in vitamins and minerals! Ingredients: 1-2 lbs. wild flounder ( can also use sole or any light, white fish) 1-2 bunches fresh asparagus 1 large potato, diced 1-2 cups mushrooms of choice 1-2 containers POM chopped tomatoes 1 tbsp. grass-fed butter 1-2 tbsp. half & half or coconut creamer Herbs & spices to taste (I use onion, dill, parsley, oregano & sea salt) Olive oil for cooking - approximately 2 tbsp. Directions: Preheat oven to 425 degrees. In one pan, cook flounder with olive oil, onion, dill & sea salt. In another pan, cook the potato & veggies with oilve oil & sea salt. While pans are in oven, place chop

Tuna Nicoise Salad

One of my favorite meals, this colorful salad contains lots of protein, healthy monounsaturated fat & greens - perfect for a summer lunch or dinner! Serves 1-2 Ingredients: 1-2 heads romaine lttuce, chopped 6 oz. canned tuna (organic or low sodium best - make sure it does not contain soy) 1-2 hard boiled eggs, sliced or quartered 10-12 olives of your choice (I like black pitted olives) Fresh green beans (I like french green beans; 1-2 handfuls should work well) Sliced cucumber (optional) 1-2 small or medium potatoes, cooked & diced (optional) 1 large tomato, sliced or 5-10 cherry or grape tomatoes, halved For dressing: Mix olive oil, balsamic vinegar & stoneground mustard in a bottle - can a

Easy Chicken Waldorf Salad

A great way to get some extra protein in a creamy dish without mayonnaise! Lots of lean protein, healthy fat & fruit too... Ingredients: 2-3 tbsp. plain, Organic Greek Yogurt (I like Wallaby Organic) 2-3 tsp. stoneground or dijon mustard 4-6 oz. grilled or baked skinless chicken breast or thigh, cut into chunks A handful of organic, seedless red grapes (cut in halves or quarters) Small apple, chopped Handful of crushed walnuts Romaine lettuce leaves cut lengthwise or in large pieces Directions: Mix yogurt and mustard together (can adjust to ratio according to your taste). Then add to the other ingredients & mix well. Place on top of lettuce leaves & enjoy!

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