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Best Baked Chicken w/Rainbow Carrots & Potatoes

Organic whole cut up chicken w/skin on

Minced Garlic

Olive oil

Pink Himalayan salt, parsley, dried onion

Rainbow Carrots (as many as you want, approximately 3 carrots/person)

Diced Potatoes of your choice

1 onion, sliced

Place diced potatoes, onions & carrots in baking dish. Drizzle with olive oil & salt. Toss and bake 15 minutes in 425 degree oven. At same time, in hot pan, cook 1 tbsp garic in 1 tbsp oil. Then add chicken pieces skin side down & sear approx. 4 minutes. Add to the baking dish, drizzle with some more oil & garlic & bake until cooked through. Carrots & potatoes should be softened as well.

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