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Happy 4th of July!

If you want to get in the spirit of the 4th, why not try these easy appetizers or desserts in red, white & blue...

For an appetizer, take a blue toothpick and alternate fresh mozzarella balls ( can get marinated ones or marinate your own with olive oil & any spices you choose) with cherry or grape tomatoes !

For dessert, make fresh coconut cream. Take 1 can full fat coconut milk & refrigerate overnight. Once cold, pour off the thin part of the liquid & mix the cream with 1 tsp vanilla extract and sweetener of choice (I used 1 tbsp agave but honey or sugar will work as well). Mix in blender or with a hand mixer until creamy. Place 1-2 spoonfuls in a cup or bowl and then add berries and drizzle some more cream on top!

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