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Yogurt Parfait

Yogurt Parfait

This is a great presentation that kids love! Perfect for breakfast or as an after school snack...

Yogurt parfait 2.jpg
Yogurt parfait 1_edited.jpg

1 container yogurt of choice ( should be organic & low in sugar - I like Siggi's Vanilla yogurt or a plain, organic greek yogurt)

1 svg (1/3 cup) Kind granola of your choice (I use Vanilla Blueberry Clusters; can also use a low sugar cereal if you don't like granola)

1/2-1 cup organic blueberries

3-5 organic strawberries sliced in half

In container of your choice (this plastic martini glass works well) layer yogurt, blueberries & granola and repeat 2-3 times. After the last layer of granola, place sliced strawberries around the top.

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